MALE TO MALE MASSAGE & BODY WAXING CENTRAL LONDON The Best Tantric Experience in London MALE TO MALE MASSAGE & BODY WAXING CENTRAL LONDON             The Best Tantric Experience in London

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Exceptional Male on Male Massage from Therapeutic to Erotic Sensual Embodiment Tantric Ritual Massage for Men, find the Best Massage in Central London, Providing Male Touch to all Men, Straight, Gay, Bi and Curious Men All are Very Welcome

Gently, Blissful, Healing and Sensual Journey for Men



I will be out of London, from Monday November 24th until January 4th 2015

Apologies hope to see you this coming year 2015, Best Wishes for you, Cheers




 Tantric Sensual Sacred Massage for Men is a sensual, healing massage which takes place in a ritualised form and given in an atmosphere of reverence and respect. It is a loving massage given from the heart to the heart. You are very welcomed and accepted as you are, no matter what your looks are, your faith, your culture sexual orientation if you definite yourself as Gay, Bi, Straight or Just Curious Man

Tantric Sensual Sacred Massage for Men works with the innate body energy, the chakras on the front of the body and the Kundalini on the back. Sexual energy, understood as life's force, is moved upwards, generally from the base chakra to the heart chakra on the front of the body and from the base of the spine up the back.


Every part of the body is touched, as Tantric Male Massage includes everything and does not exclude anything. In addition to being extremely relaxing and sensual, negative self-images and feelings including past sexual and other hurts, can be melted away by the loving touch you receive in this massage. Experiencing this massage can have a healing effect. As the body holds memories, negative experiences make themselves known through various problems and discomforts of the body. Tantric is not a medicine and does not eliminate medical consultation for such problems. What it does however, is heal or transform through the experience of loving tantric touch and in doing so, negative manifestations on the body as well as the emotional level are able to melt away, making you physically, spiritually and emotionally a more balanced person. 


Tantric Sensual Sacred Massage for Men also addresses various sexual problems (lack of sexual energy, pre-mature ejaculation, erection difficulties, the lack of orgasms, over- or desensitized G-spot etc.), as well as sexual hurt. Various enhancing aspects to your sexuality can be learnt (e.g. expanded orgasms, full body orgasms etc.). The massage can result in orgasm, this is however not the aim of the massage.


I am passionate about Sensual Tantric Sacred Massage for Men. You will receive my loving attention throughout the massage. I concentrate completely on your inner movements and the changes in your energy.



Tantric helps to bridge this schism between sexuality and spirituality — reintegrating two fundamental aspects of being human and opening to new levels of passion, intimacy and sexual expression. While safe touch and light massage are a part of Tantric, there is no direct physical sexual contact or involvement



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